About Jeffrey Alan Designs


Add a timeless heirloom to your home or office.  


  • Tables
  • Interior Decorating
  • Charcuterie Trays & Boards
  • Functional Decor

Our handcrafted dining, coffee, entry, sofa and end tables will be a timeless working piece of art in your home. Our wood comes from old growth trees salvaged from floods and hurricanes. Finishes can be natural…or enhanced with found pebbles and/or eye-catching turquoise and other inlay.  

Our handcrafted bar tops, desks, fireplace mantles, headboards, custom shelves, guitar hangers and other hard-working pieces will bring a tasteful Lone Star vibe to your home. Finishes can be natural…or enhanced with found pebbles and/or eye-catching turquoise and other inlay.

Our charcuterie trays, crazy lazy susans and beer flights are handmade in Texas from salvaged woods with naturally exquisite grain patterns. They each have their own personality…and we’re quite sure you’ll find one that speaks to you!

Whether serving your family or entertaining a crowd, we believe you shouldn’t save the “good stuff” for the holidays. Our boards are handmade in Texas from a variety of salvaged woods with naturally exquisite grain patterns. Many are embellished with turquoise inlay and are adorned with interesting hardware and leather ties.

For us, it's about the WOOD

Each fallen tree has a history and whispers its own story. What should this truly unique piece of wood become in its next life? 


Creating unique pieces of naturally beautiful, live edge
furniture and decor that will last a lifetime.

Jeffrey Alan Designs creates one-of-a-kind, handcrafted “live edge” home & commercial furniture and functional decor using salvaged local and exotic woods near Wimberley, Texas.


Our wood is salvaged from flood, hurricane, wind and disease. Centuries have created old growth wood that is dense and rich in color – with intricate grain patterns, knots, fungus and worm tracks not found in new growth wood. It is stunningly beautiful, extremely durable and can last for generations​.
We try to source all our own trees. We harvest, load, and haul these ancient beauties to the mill where they are cut into large slabs and kiln-dried for several months. The slabs are then transported to our workshop where they are carefully stored. Before each project, a keen eye studies the wood to maximize the organic beauty of the naturally occurring patterns, textures and voids.
Studying, shaping, sanding, finishing. Studying, shaping, sanding, finishing. Over and over and over and over again.